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 Space on Wheels

 Chandrayaan-2 and Mangalyaan came alive at the ‘Space on Wheels’ exhibition in a bus at the Nirmala Higher Secondary School, Muvattupuzha on Tuesday to mark the birth centenary of scientist Dr Vikram Sarabhai. The bus will tour the state and share the story of ISRO with children.

The Exhibition was inaugurated by Dr.Sojanlal, the Principal of MBITS Engineering College.  The Exhibition was led by the ISRO Scientists Mr K.R. Bibu and Mr. Jayesh Jayan, the Museum in charge Technicians Mr. Sreeraj and Mr. Arjun and Dr. Antony Puthenkulam and others. About 5000 students from various schools came over to view the Exhibition

“The purpose of the mobile exhibition is to create awareness aboutspace technology to the children and also on space applications. Our purpose is to introduce the children to the important achievements of ISRO and also take it to schools across the state,” said Scientists Jayesh Jayan & Bibu KR. The bus will visit the schools in the state. This year also marks the 50th year of ISRO, so we thought to educate the students to know more about space science and its utility for mankind, he added.

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